Compliance & Regulatory

Enforcement of corruption violations is at an all-time high. In 2014 alone, DOJ pursued record fines (and imprisonment) against well-known multinationals. Compliance has reached a whole new dimension, which is keeping GCs, AGCs, and corporate in-house legal departments up at night wondering whether their cross-border subdivisions and general business practices will get them in trouble.

FLI NET Compliance & Regulatory Practice Group advises clients on many relevant aspects of compliance and regulatory related matters globally. FLI NET clients are provided the added comfort that all FLI members are not only familiar with FCPA, Anti-Bribery, OCED, SOX, AML, but rather proficient and fully capable of identifying and uncovering and reporting any such potential violation.

Head of Practice Group

Peter Larsen
Peter Larsen

Mr. Larsen brings more than ten years of experience in corporate in-house experience, commercial real estate law, title, commercial leasing, and litigation related to residential, multi-family and commercial real estate, including finance and has more than 10 years of successful business management experience prior to attending law school.

Prior to joining First Law International, Pete Larsen served as Associate General Counsel for a premier commercial real estate and loan advisory services company, Situs. Mr. Larsen primarily supported Situs' servicing and special servicing businesses, providing legal expertise within commercial mortgage servicing and special servicing, including servicing and special servicing in securitization. His responsibilities also include complex contract preparation and negotiation, legal department management, merger and acquisition, risk assessment and insurance. In October 2011, Mr. Larsen was the lead attorney on the purchase of loan servicing rights of approximately 9.7 billion Euros, more than doubling the company's European assets under management at that time. Mr. Larsen earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas. Mr. Larsen is also currently an Adjunct Professor teaching Business Law, U.S. Constitutional History, and Political Science to both undergraduate and MBA graduate programs.

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