The automotive industry faces a daunting array of competitive and regulatory headaches. This is an industry that is in rapid transformation, as alternative technologies and new dealer distribution networks are emerging. FLI provides a clear roadmap.

FLI’s attorneys understand that intense competition; nationalistic regulatory tendencies and continuing consolidation trends pose real challenges to manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, distributors, and third-party businesses competing in the global marketplace under constant pressure to innovate. In some jurisdictions, governmental regulations and derived technological break-throughs are causing the industry to employ only experts who can navigate the disguised bureaucratic roadblocks. FLI’s attorneys possess the skillset to guide Automotive clients (whether on the production, supply or purchasing sides) to achieve their commercial objectives year after year. In addition, FLI provides peace of mind to clients that whenever their rights are being infringed upon, FLI’s trial lawyer team will vigorously defend any such legal claims whenever litigation proves unavoidable including consumer class actions, unfair competition, franchise litigation and government investigations. From a strategic growth stand point, FLI’s transactional team engages in every form of commercial deals in the industry inclusive of M&A (including dealership facilities), structured financing, business entity formation and business planning, and both regulatory compliance, franchise and customer relations and disputes. 

Global clients in the current environment are looking for solutions to increasingly difficult financial and legal challenges.  FLI’s Automotive Practice Group can be your global partner.

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