October 2007

Wednesday, 31 October, 2007

FLI NET™ Singapore Partners, Tan Peng Chin LLC, hosted an FLI NET™ Partners social event on October 18 at their offices situated in the prestigious Raffles Place followed by a sumptuous dinner at the Tower Club, Singapore Premier Private Business Club. FLI NET™ Partners from France, Cyprus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Malaysia and Singapore attended the event as well as FLI HQ from Brussels. A number of executive management issues were discussed as well as ways to continue to enhance cross-border opportunities.

FLI hosted a summit conference for Senior Executives representing a number of key industries including Construction, IT, Defense, Legal and Real Estate in memorable Waterloo, Belgium during October 12-14 to consider the possibility of creating a new company. Leveraging their impressive collective business savvy, industry contacts and overall professional experience, this group stands poised to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity in the market.

Singapore FLI NET Conference

New Global Services Company