October 2004

Sunday, 31 October, 2004

Following Intel's presentation,FLI NET™partners travelled to FLI European HQ in Brussels, FLI to attend FLI's annual summit meeting and social event. The event took place at the Belga Queen, the city's famous hotspot for Belgian cuisine. During the summit meeting,FLI NET™used the opportunity to be filmed jointly delivering a detailed presentation for the GC of Multinational companies on corporate reorganization. Considering the current business down cycle and the outlook of the economy, FLI's presentation is very timely as there a number of blue chip and Fortune Companies currently undergoing reorganization of their European and Asian operations or are considering it. The presentation will be available on CD and DVD, early 2005. A brief introduction can be seen through FLI's website.

Seven ofFLI NET™European partner law firms (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain and the Netherlands) presented several different fact patterns to Intel's GC and corporate counsel responsible for EMEA. FLI also introduced Intel to FLI Webtool, FLI's proprietary database which allows clients to track FLI's work-in-progress and costs real time. Through FLI Webtool, FLI successfully harness the technological power of software designed by FLI specifically for multinational companies with cross-border projects. The event took place at Intel's European HQ, Swindon, UK.

FLI Headquarters hosts its FLI NET™ Management meeting in Brussels