November 2005

Wednesday, 30 November, 2005

FLI is retained to organize a consortium between private enterprise, the Italian government and a US Fortune Company for the purpose of developing a hallmark research center in Italy in the biotechnology sector - first of a kind in Europe. FLI launches the project by organizing an onsite meeting in Rome between the scientists, ministers and representatives of the US multinational in the biotechnology sector.

FLI organizes a summit meeting in Rome between FLI NET™ partners and representatives of EU's leading defense technology company, as well as, with representatives of the Italian government to explore ways and means to capture business opportunities there as well as possibly set up local infrastructure. If successful, this would represent a significant win for the Spanish manufacturer in Italy.

FLI sponsors its Fall Conference in the Republic of San Marino. The event was attended by FLI NET™ partners from fourteen countries representing Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the United States. The conference was a definitive watershed event for FLI's management since it was hosted by a well-known international business boutique with a significant skill-set in the financial, lobbying and political landscape. FLI continues to efficiently address cutting edge solutions for our worldwide partners, by staying ahead of the trend in our industry. During the conference, FLI NET™ partners met with government representatives of RSM, the head of the National Bank, and various dignitaries. The three-day event culminated with a social event attended by all.

FLI hosts its Fall Conference in San Marino