March 2007

Saturday, 31 March, 2007

First Law International proudly hosts its FLI NET™ Spring Conference in Milan, Italy on March 22-25, 2007 in association with Studio Legale Mondini-Rusconi, FLI NET™ Italian Partner and Executive Management Member. Partners from fourteen countries attended the summit event including Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Korea, as well the United States. Special guests from the Energy sector, Defense industry, Finance markets and Import and Exports, from Monaco, Colorado, London, and Florida, respectively, presented during the morning session. In the afternoon, FLI Partners from Italy, Malaysia, India and Ukraine were featured as special presenters on "Business Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Markets" to a full house of corporate clients from FLI NET™ Italian Partner, as well as selected guests from France and Belgium. The Conference was adjourned Friday evening followed by a social cocktail and concluding with a gala dinner at the famous I Jardino, private club after the award ceremony.

15th Anniversary Konnov & Sozanovsky Kiev, Ukraine

FLI NET™ Spring Conference - 5. Friday Evening Gala Dinner

FLI NET™ Spring Conference - 4. Friday Afternoon Presentations

FLI NET™ Spring Conference - 3. Friday Morning Presentations

Mr. Richard Schiffer Attorney at Law Mediation: ADRg Group – London basedMr. Saman Ahsani Commercial Director Energy Sector: UNAOIL Group Monaco basedMr. Stephen Plunkett Principal Financial Markets: DebtComm Inc London based Mr. Christian Bohyn Principal Bohyn Consultants Import/Export: Florida, USA – basedMr. Bruce Cowser Director, Secure Government Systems Defense Industy: Comtech Mobile Datacom Colorado, USA – basedAll participating Delegates

FLI NET™ Spring Conference - 2. Award Ceremony

FLI NET™ Italian Partner Mr Giorgio Mondini Leading Bird Vision 2007 AwardFLI NET™ French Partner Mr Franck Buffaud 2006 Cross-Border Outstanding Performance AwardFLI NET™ Ukrainian Partner Mr Sergei Konnov New Partner Outstanding Performance Award

FLI NET™ Spring Conference - 1. Thursday Evening Social Event