FLI Welcomes new South African partner - Fluxmans!

Friday, 28 August, 2015
FLI Welcomes new South African partner - Fluxmans!

FLI Welcomes new South African partner - Fluxmans!

One of South Africa’s leading law firms, Fluxmans has consistently remained among the country’s top ten firms while maintaining its focus on quality rather then size. Fluxmans firmly believes that no matter what the requirements, the client’s needs always come first.

The Fluxmans domestic brand has become synonymous with a commitment to quality and value for money. The Firm’s focus is on the needs of its clients and a desire to deliver a sustainable, business-like solution in everything it offers; thus, highlighting modern-day reality that flexibility, skill, and long-term commitment are imperative components of maintaining a competitive edge.

Fluxmans operates primarily in the areas where it has acquired the right competencies and for which it is well recognised by clients, peers and ranking organisations. The Firm’s mission is to gain the trust, and continuously meet the expectations of its clients.

There is a team spirit at Fluxmans that allows every member to thrive and grow in an environment that is conducive to successful execution of the clients’ instructions.
Fluxmans’ approach and corporate culture has enabled it to establish a reputation for integrity and service delivery both locally and internationally, while focusing on adding value and utilising a global network of contacts, such as FLI, to the best advantage of its clients.

FLI welcomes Fluxmans to its network!