FLI Welcomes new New Zealander partner- Tompkins Wake!

Thursday, 11 May, 2017

FLI Welcomes new New Zealander partner –Tompkins Wake!

As a leading New Zealand Law Firm, Tompkins Wake believes in the power of collaboration, and that when specialisation and expertise combine in a collaborative environment, exceptional outcomes are created for their clients.

Tompkins Wake is the law firm that clients turn to for help on the matters most important to them. They use their collective knowledge and expertise and they gain immense satisfaction from working together to develop solutions to the complex and sophisticated challenges our clients present.

The people of Tompkins Wake are what make the firm and they are different from other law firms in the way they think, work and behave. With the diversity among the team, the firm is abaible to be original in their thinking and approach and their advice and counsel are enhanced.

We are deliberately and intentionally positioned to be regionally present while working with a national focus. The firm is headquartered in Hamilton, with offices also in Auckland and Rotorua which allows the firm to focus on the national clients.

The firm style is to tell the client as much about the law as they need or want to know. Their aim is to give concise advice, focused on the outcome, containing clear recommendations. They aim to be constructive and easy to deal with because their clients’ interests are generally not served by a combative, aggressive, overly technical or legalistic approach.