FLI Welcomes new Dutch partner - Schaap Lawyers !

Thursday, 11 May, 2017

FLI Welcomes new Ducth partner - Schaap Lawyers !

Schaap Lawyers is composed of independent corporate and real estate specialists. Lawyers and civil-law notaries who enjoy what they do. Making good use of their creativity and sharp thinking while giving advice and taking legal action. They work very closely with their clients, enabling them to gain a thorough understanding of the business clients are in. Taking the shortest route to the best results.

When you come from Rotterdam, you are enterprising, efficient and always looking for results. For the past 110 years, Schaap and its lawyers and civil-law notaries have worked for a wide range of well-established national and international companies. With their corporate and real estate specializations, they have a lot to offer to their clients. For the clients, they can be a sparring partner, a sounding board, a temporary addition to their own legal department or simply a confidential advisor. Whatever the clients needs Schaap’s lawyers to be, they always aim to be excellent value for money.

With around forty lawyers and civil-law notaries, Schaap is a medium-sized law firm. This means  they can deliver top-quality legal work while remaining flexible and personally involved. They are always ready for action. They are able to provide support and assistance in all aspects of corporate law and real estate law divided in the following pratice groups:

  • Corporate law : Administrative Law, Competition and Compliance, Contracts, Liability and Damage , Employment and Participation, Financing and Securities, Fraud, Healthcare, Insolvency and Corporate Recovery, Intellectual Property, Legal Entities and Structures, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation ,Mergers and Acquisitions, Tenders.
  • Real Estate: Administrative Law, Building and Property, Development, Cables and Pipelines, Financing and Securities, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation, Purchase and Lease of Property, Tenders.