FLI NET Spring 2012 Conference

Thursday, 10 May, 2012 to Saturday, 12 May, 2012

By any standards, the FLI NET Berlin conference has been the most successful and talked-about event in FLI's 11-years history, although with each passing year it is become more and more difficult to pick one. Lyon was choreographed wonderfully.

To see FLI NET Partners flying in from over 40 countries(including 10 new partners who joined FLI since the 2011 Lyon conference fromAngola, Kenya, Republic of Congo, UAE, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, USA, and Belgium), 2 guest firms from India and Sweden auditing FLI, and half a dozen of FLI's multinational clients is a very satisfying experience considering FLI's humble beginnings.

As with previous FLI events, the Berlin conference has demonstrated that FLI's and the hosting partner's (German firmSKW Schwarz) prime intention is to create a retreat atmosphere where the best thinking of the group can come to light in order to continue to make FLI an attractive value proposition for its clients.

It, once again, has been proven that events like these are the glue to bind the human relationship together and further integrate the bonds which exist between the members.

SKW Schwarz went far and beyond their normal duties to organize a memorable FLI NET Conference.

Starting with a relaxing Thursday evening reception at their new premises at Berlin's trendy Kurfürstendamm; followed by Friday's interactive sessions among attending FLI NET Partners, as well as strategic partners like E&Y and clients; and concluding with an unforgettable gala dinner at the exclusive International Club the event left the attending partners energized to go to their home jurisdictions and spread the word about the FLI brand. Of course, easing into the Havana Club afterwards for a bit of the Latin beat of cumbias and salsa was just the way to conclude two days of meetings and break-out sessions.

With this in mind, we would like express our gratitude to all attending FLI NET Partners for taking the time off their schedules to join us in Berlin and our gracious hosts - SKW Schwarz - for going out of their way to ensure the success of the event.

So a big thanks to all of you for making this possible!

FLI NET 2012 Berlin Conference