FLI NET luncheon – IBA Boston

Wednesday, 9 October, 2013

On the occasion of the IBA Boston (Oct 6 - 11), First Law International was pleased to host a working luncheon for all attending FLI NET Partners and clients.

FLI Principal, Mr. Orlando Casares, welcomed FLI NET Partners from 20 countries for an enjoyable and lively round-table event aimed at facilitating valuable networking opportunities among fellow FLI NET partners and others guests.

An important part of the meeting was devoted to an FLI client who flew in from the Midwest to meet all attending FLI NET Partners in order to present his company's business model and global expansion initiatives relying (potentially) on the entire FLI network.

Following an insightful presentation by the CEO of his company's business objectives and contributions by individual FLI NET members in attendance, FLI was asked to draft an executive memorandum working document summarising project's most salient points.

FLI NET Partners are now in process of "sweeping" through their local markets for potential M&A targets to kick-off this project.

FLI Brussels would like to thank those Partners who attended the luncheon to make a favorable impression on the client.

FLI NET Reception - at IBA Boston