FLI NET CIS Regional Meeting - Kiev, UKRAINE

Thursday, 25 June, 2009

On the occasion of the 4th CIS Local Counsel Forum held in Kiev Ukraine on June 24th - 26th, Orlando Casares (FLI Principal) met with the FLI NET partners from the CIS states to explore potential business development opportunities in their respective regions.

Hosted by our FLI NET Ukrainian Partners, Ms. Yevgeniya Derbal and Mr. Borys Lobovyk (Konnov & Sozanovsky), Mr. Casares was delighted to meet up with Ms. Tatyana Suleyeva (Aequitas - FLI NET Kazakhstan), Ms. Gulnara Kalikova (Kalikova & Associates - FLI NET Kyrgyzstan), and Ms. Liliya Vlasova and Mr. Konstantin Mikhel (Vlasova Mikhel & Partners - FLI NET Belarus). During the meeting, held at the Opera hotel all partners shared their views on best practices to increase cross-border business activities among FLI in the region and in general.

During the meeting, Ms. Gulnara Kalikova recommended a client-sharing program should be developed to find business synergies; also a list of distressed assets portfolio list should be circulated amongst FLI; Ms. Derbal and Mr. Lobovyk reminded us that Ukraine is hosting the European Football Cup in 2012 which if explored in good time should result in some files for FLI NET Partners.

FLI NET CIS Regional Meeting – Kiev, UKR

FLI NET CIS Regional MeetingMr. Orlando Casares with Mrs. Tatyana Suleyeva (Aequitas Law Firm, FLI NET Kazakhstan)Mr. Casares with Mrs. Liliya Vlasova (Vlasova Mikhel & Partners, FLI NET Belarus)Mr. Casares with Mrs. Gulnara Kalikova (Kalikova & Associates, FLI NET Kyrgyzstan)