FLI NET Board meets in Beirut

Thursday, 19 February, 2015

Keeping a careful eye on FLI NET's development and growth in the course of this year, FLI Board Members met in Beirut to discuss a number of important matters and consider various initiatives.

Among topics covered were:

  • FLI NET Bylaws
  • Developing synergies between FLI NET Partners
  • Client satisfaction controls
  • Promotion of high value services
  • Network growth
  • FLI NET Brand recognition
  • 2015 FLI NET Events

The gracious hosts of Alem & Associates welcomed, in addition to Orlando Casares, following Board members in person:

  • David Hamlett, UK
  • Willem Heemskerk, The Netherlands
  • Vitor Marques da Cruz, Angola
  • Krishan Malhotra, India
  • Pete Larsen, USA

Other Board members (Klaus Jankowski, Cary Gray, and Mira Sun) who could not come in person joined the meetings via conference call.

The Board meetings proved very effective and laid out a number of action steps to be implemented by the network.

A sincere Thank You to Mr. Mohamed Alem (and his team) for being a perfect host in the beautiful settings of Beirut.

FLI Board Meeting in Beirut

from left to right: Mr. Malhotra, Mr. Marques da Cruz, Mr. Hamlett, Mr. Casares, Mr. Heemskerk, Mr. Larsen, Mr. AlemFLI NET BoardWorking session on February 19th Closing Dinner at Em Sherif Restaurant