FLI HQ Meeting with Dacheng Beijing Law Offices

Monday, 17 November, 2014

Following very successful FLI NET Tokyo conference, FLI NET delegation travelled to Beijing to meet with its Chinese partner firm -Dacheng Law Offices.

Accompanied by FLI NET Board member from Republic of Korea, Ms. Mira Sun, and FLI Partner, Mr. Pete Larsen, Orlando Casares met with respective Dacheng Beijing's senior management members: Mr. Dennis Deng (Senior Partner), Mr. Ping Yungwang (Senior Partner), Ms. Vivien Tuo (Senior Partner) and Mr. Jet Deng (Partner). Mr. Ken Dai, Dacheng/FLI NET relationship partner also attended the meeting.

Considering China's importance not only in the Asian region, but moreover on a global scale, the meeting's attendees discussed current, viable opportunities of utilizing Dacheng's regional prowess through FLI's global platform.

FLI NET business model is valued by many global clients and provides a vehicle for all FLI NET Partners to expand their international growth and business development.

FLI NET Meeting with Dacheng Beijing Law Offices