FLI HQ Conducts FCPA Training in DRC

Sunday, 15 June, 2014

FLI Principal, Mr. Orlando Casares, who is currently on tour in Africa, conducted FCPA Training with FLI NET team from DRC.

The team of Maitre Masongo & Associates consisted of a number of Partners as well as associates who all gathered to attend this important training.


FLI's training covers US, UK and EU legislation addressing the prevalent problem of corruption targeted by the FCPA, Anti-Bribery, Anti-Money Laundering, OECD and other similar relevant, country-specific legislation.

FLI's Certification is something very much appreciated by not only US and UK multinational listed companies with strict compliance requirements, but all clients wanting to transact business in Africa and are concerned about potential problems with the local authorities.


FLI Conducts FCPA Training in DRC