FLI Engages the local support of our FLI NET Greek Partner on a collection matter

Sunday, 10 May, 2009

FLI was asked by international Agent to engage the legal support of FLI NET Greek Partners, Kelemenis & Co., to pursue a Greek debtor company on a breach of contract matter for failure to pay agent's fees involving a cross-border transaction.

On this occasion, FLI Principal, Mr. Orlando Casares convened a meeting with Kelemenis & Co.'s executive management, Mr. Tom Kyriakopoulos and Mr. Yannis Kelemenis at their offices located in the prestigious Kolonaki Square in Athens to discuss a number of ongoing cross-border issues as well as target specific business development areas.

FLI NET Partners Meeting - Kelemenis & Co. (GRE)

Orlando Casares and Tom Kyriakopoulos (right)Yannis Kelemenis (left), Orlando Casares, and Tom Kyriakopoulos (right)Tom Kyriakopoulos (left), Orlando Casares, and Yannis Kelemenis (right) Kelemenis & Co. Partners: Yannis Kelemenis (left) and Tom Kyriakopoulos (right) FLI NET Partners Meeting - Kelemenis & Co. (GRE)FLI NET Partners Meeting - Kelemenis & Co. (GRE)