FLI Board Meets in Lisbon

Sunday, 29 June, 2014

FLI NET Executive Management Members held its quarterly Board meeting in Lisbon on June 28-29th.

Attending in person: Klaus Jankowski (DE), Willem Heemskerk (NL), David Hamlett (UK), Vitor Marques da Cruz (AO), Pete Larsen (US), Orlando Casares (BE) as well as Business Developers Marisa Martos (ES) and Carole van Basselaere (BE) evaluated FLI's half-year performance. They were joined via conference calls by the Board members from Lebanon, Japan, USA, India, and Republic of Korea.

The working agenda also covered following points:

  • Upcoming 2014 FLI NET events
  • FLI NET Business Development efforts
  • FLI NET Development - Challenges and Opportunities

Emeritus Board member, Mr. Jacob Steinmetz (ISR) joined the meeting as well. Mr. Steinmetz is one of the 'founding' FLI NET member firms and was invited to provide valuable feedback, among other things on: FLI's growth and further development, funding of FLI-sponsored events, and future challenges & opportunities.

FLI Board Meets in Lisbon