The FLI Assistant GC

Friday, 26 October, 2018

FLI is investing and working substantially on its IT development capabilities. In October 2018, FLI’s Second Generation of Apps were presented as part of the annual ACC Meeting in Austin. 

Over the entire last year, FLI has been partnering with App developers in Singapore, the UK, and France, to create the first Global Networking Legal Platform with project submission, tracking, instant contacting/messaging, file transfer/storage, and managing to digitalize it’s already successful Assistant GCTM model. The newest generation will be available and compatible with AndroidiOS, and as a WebApp/Webtool on any browser, fully backed by, and protected on the cloud.

Featuring real-time project submission, project management, partner firm indexing, event management, news releases, and much more. FLI  is digitalizing its already reputable and famous Assistant GCTM business model, to continue to be a pioneer in the industry and global network leader, and remain “Your legal team without borders!”