Cross-state Litigation support – FLI HQ USA in focus

Monday, 14 October, 2013


FLI NET USA Partner firms Looper Reed & McGraw and Workman | Nydegger have joined forces to support an FLI NET client from Mexico on a litigation matter.

At the client's request, Mr. Casares traveled to Houston to introduce both FLI NET US Partners to the client at the offices of Looper Reed & McGraw. The meeting proved valuable for both the client and FLI Partners in order to align the required support in an integrated and efficient manner.

By combining the IP wealth of experience from W|N with the litigation prowess of LRM, the client felt secure to have retained the right team in this important case involving an alleged trademark infringement.

More and more, international clients are seeing FLI's compelling business model by relying on the ability of FLI to deliver the best local legal team on the ground with the right skill set and internal competencies to deliver the best possible support under the circumstances - by bringing together cross-border and in this case, cross-state partners together, the synergy created works very cost-effectively for the benefit of the client.


Cross-state Litigation support (USA)