August 2007

Thursday, 30 August, 2007

Prominent EU client in the aircraft maintenance business acting as an authorized subcontractor of one of the major aircraft manufacturers engages FLI to obtain a Technical Agreement clearance from the US State Department following internal review of policy denial under ITAR and requests FLI to forward these discussions in Washington DC. FLI's intervention resulted in positive results for client.

FLI is asked by multinational client for whom FLI is currently providing cross-border support in a number of FLI NET jurisdictions to provide additional cross-border support in the emerging market of Romania to consider some commercially viable opportunities within the business model of client.

FLI is asked by US group to incorporate a start-up energy company in the renewable, alternative bioenergy industry and negotiate exclusive supply and infrastructure development agreements between the start-up energy company and a biodiesel electric generation plant producing ATSM-compliant biodiesel at their local refinery facilities. Recognizing the trend by government and private enterprise wanting to explore more environmentally friendly and less fossil fuel dependent solutions for both transportation and energy generation, FLI's client wishes to become a powerhouse in this industry by securing proper contracts.

Renewable Energies Group USA