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FLI NET is establishing a strong foothold in Africa

Monday, 30 January, 2012

Following FLI’s initial four country-wide recruiting tour of Africa in Fall of 2011 which included Kenya, Gabon and Nigeria and Algeria, during which time Mr. Casares conducted compulsory compliance training seminars (as requested by a Fortune 500 client) in various jurisdictions, FLI Principal recently concluded a second multi-country Africa tour.

In order to attend to client’s immediate legal needs and ensure the continuity of services through FLI-endorsed legal providers in the region, Mr. Casares met with a number of leading firms in Zimbabwe as well as the Republic of Congo.  A short list has been created and FLI’s internal selection process for a suitable service provider is now underway.

The month of February will remain focused on the African continent as Mr. Casares will accompany a client once again in the second half of February to Nigeria and Gabon.

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